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Hosting Like A Pro!

So you’ve been nominated to host the Holiday Party this year and you have no clue where to begin. Don’t worry, these quick tips will have your party turn out to be a huge success.

Plan Your Theme: Decide what you want your event to look like. It can be anything from a winter wonderland to any number of options. Choose a fun theme that will have your guests engaged with the atmosphere and spark interesting conversations.

Create Your Menu: Once you have your theme, create a menu that reflects the theme you have chosen. Keep in mind that your guests may have dietary restrictions so it is a good idea to ask your guests if they have any as you plan the menu.

Confirm Your Guest: It’s always a good idea to confirm the amount of people that are definitely going to come to your party. This helps you decide how much food and supplies you’ll need.

Prepare A Timeline: Make your life easier by doing a lot of the work in advance. Decide which items you can purchase ahead of time. Many food items can be made in advance too.

Get Ready For Your Big Day: Now that you have got most of the work done, you will have more time to entertain your guests and enjoy your event. Mission Accomplished!

Make it a Masterpiece! Talk with you guys later!

- Shaun

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