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The Soul is Here!!

Hey Family!! I have finally released my first cookbook, Soul in the Citi: Homestyle Cooking in the City. I started this project well before the pandemic but Life literally got in the way. On top of that I got in my own way. I procrastinated a lot, I listened to people that told me I wasn't ready, I had a little self-doubt that I had to push through.

I am excited to have my first project released on Kindle and Amazon but this is just the first of many to come.

Cook up dishes that remind you of Grandma's kitchen! Soul in the Citi by Shef Shaun Williams provides a collection of recipes including some of his best selling dishes. Living in a fast paced city like NYC, it is important that we take time to slow down and enjoy some amazing homestyle comfort foods. Life is all about balance. The restaurant scene in the City is amazing but there are times where it's great to entertain at Home! These recipes will help us get back in the kitchen and enjoy the process of making dishes that our friends and family will love. Let's put down our smartphones (after reading the ebook) and have real conversations again.

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